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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Tips to Design Dream Wardrobe

We have all dreamt of having that massive walk in wardrobe design that fulfils all our wishes of clothing storage. However walk in wardrobes require planning and have a lot of elements to be considered when being built.

Light it up

Lighting is a key aspect in a wardrobe. It needs ample of lighting especially if it is built in a position where there is low natural lighting. Dressing up requires bright lights to allow us to see what we wear.

Rod length

If you are sharing the wardrobe with another person, allot enough rod length to each person to avoid them taking up your space. Each person should have a minimum 48 inches of rod length.

Add on

Walk in wardrobes have much more potential than any other kind of wardrobe. Don’t leave it at clothing rods; add shelves, drawers and cupboards. Include deep drawers to store seldom used items and use cupboards to store items you want to keep out of sight.


Design a vanity to fit into your walk in wardrobe. Sacrifice some drawer space and add in a mirror and a surface to place makeup,accessories,perfume etc. Allowing you to dress up all at one place.


A wardrobe design without enough mirrors is impractical. Insert as many mirrors as you wish a full length as well as a smaller one. You need to know how the outfit comes together.


A closet has its own personality. Like a room design the wardrobe on a theme depending upon who it is for. A more feminine wardrobe could be light colours with appealing decorations like a rug and wall decorations. Whereas a masculine wardrobe could have a dark stained wood built in closet or shades of grey to give a more serious look.

Space everywhere

Maximise use by utilizing more vertical space, instead of having one rod you may be able to put in two underneath the top rod depending on your ceiling height. The usual height of rods is 63 inches for dresses leaving the remaining bellow space unused. However, you can add two rods in your 48 inch long allotted space by allowing 45 inches for hanging pants and shirts.


It may be a small built in bench to try on shoes or a couch. Nevertheless add seats to the wardrobe.

A seat is mandatory for the vanity too, may it be for lounging on after trying on different outfits or to cast away rejected clothes. A chic looking couch will also add on to the glamour of your dressing area.


Slate Mosaic Tiles Installation

With regards to engineering, at times would we be able to discover a man who is totally happy with the outline. Regardless of whether it is a modest house or top class lodging, every property proprietor believes that there is a satisfactory opportunity to get better in the engineering outline of their structure.

However with the expanding costs of building material, setting, settling and introducing any structure it is not generally conceivable to totally revamp the structure. So one of the best things is to redesign utilizing the divider boards properly

In short divider boards are little versatile bits of compositional excellence that can be introduced as patches keeping in mind the end goal to give an additional stature to the magnificence of general inside adornment. Today we will find out about Slate Mosaic Tiles that are quick getting to be distinctly famous with numerous family units.

Slate Mosaic Tiles

The slate Mosaic Tiles are the best ways to transform tasteless walls into fine piece of aesthetically enhanced architecture. The Unique tough surface with the edges of blocks slightly jutting out from the structure gives a unique natural look to the whole ambiance. It requires minimum knowledge and you don’t have to go through a lot of hassles.

The creativity associated with designing an eye-appealing pattern is unmatched and in fact it can have therapeutic effect on your mind. So, here are certain things that you need to pay attention too:

1. Buying the slate Mosaic is actually the first, foremost and very crucial step in the whole process. You need to search through multiple leading manufacturers and suppliers. Don’t be hasty here. Take your time. It is always better to check with your acquaintances for the best suppliers who are trustworthy. The most important things to consider here is quality. Building materials are not something that can be changed frequently. One more thing to consider is that buying building material requires certain knowledge. So if you are not apt in buying building material then it is highly recommendable to accompany someone who has a good experience.

2. For grouts, prefer epoxy based grouts than conventional grouts, but you need to be extra careful while installing.

3. Don’t be afraid to cut the stone edges to design a perfect pattern.

4. Creativity plays a very important role here. Do not restrain your creative talent just because your conventional knowledge does not agree with it. As far as the wall panel seems beautiful, it is agreeable to eyes and gives a smooth visual feeling fitting well into the entire interior decoration scheme, you can go ahead.

5. If you are installing the panels for the first time, it is highly recommendable to use sanded grout. The main benefit of this grout is that sand is known for its smoothness and adaptability. Besides its fine particles give a perfect reason to extremely experiment with the style.

6. It is always recommendable to have a detailed meeting with the suppliers telling them your exact requirements and creative ideas so that they can advice you about the best material, grout and required modifications in design to make it practically possible.

Keeping all the above things in mind, you can create excellent designs that will enhance the beauty of your architecture.

Interior Design Trends

There are many interior design trends in 2016. Every year new trends come or old trends get new life by again introducing in new trends. People like to own new trends, we are here to share some of the best 2016 interior design trends that will make your room extraordinary beautiful, upgraded and updated. Let’s put a glance at some of the best 2016 interior design trends.

Use Natural Materials

There is a new trend in interior designing in 2016, using natural materials. Although it is not a new thing in interior designing, it is an old trend which is now back in the market of interior designing. The natural materials include leather, wood, terracotta, stones, marbles and ceramics. You can easily find all these materials made decors for interior designing. These materials are long lasting and tangible which means durability with impressive beauty, all in one.

Multi Function Furniture

The multi function furniture is getting so much fame and up in 2016 interior design trends nowadays. People are getting so much interest in multi purpose products, which is why multi functional furniture is becoming popular in interior designing. If you use furniture which is multi functional, this will be comfortable for you and will not take extra space in the room, means you don’t need buy more furniture for each purpose, just buy a single furniture which has multi function features, which you can use for multiple work.

Bespoke Wallcoverings

Wallcoverings one of the biggest decorative products in interior designing. There are many fabulous companies of wallcoverings that are providing bespoke wallcoverings to the customers. Means, people can order wallcovering according to their bespoke. This is very helpful because you can get customized wallcoverings according to your room’s requirements. Collect the requirements according to the theme you decided to apply in your room, then go to order customized wallcovering and get the bespoke wallcovering exactly the same as your requirements.


Handcrafting is one of the finest and beautiful evergreen decorative products of interior designing. Hand made things are always appreciated and loved. Add some beautiful handicrafts to increase the beauty of your room. The crafting work can be on anything like statues, lamps, vases, carpets, rugs and many more. Handcraft it elf a big valuable name and when you use handcrafting products in decorating your room, this makes your room more beautiful and appealing.


Lighting in Interior Design

At the start it is the fantasy of each person to have a place for themselves which they can call as their home. These days, it has turned out to be practically basic for everybody to procure the best proficient fashioners to rearrange their homes. Most multinational organizations even go to the degree of contracting Interior planners to realize an adjustment in the working environment by upgrading the inside scene. Today, with the beginning of innovation a considerable measure have changed in the field of engineering and additionally outline of corporate and individual living arrangements. The fundamental part with regards to outlining a working environment or an individual home is divider lighting.

Wall lighting which is often referred to as sconce lighting has been in existence for many centuries in both private and public places. In earlier times, a sconce was basically a light fixture affixed to a wall, thereby using the wall only as a support. However, modern electric light fixture sconces are often used in hallways or corridors as a means of providing both lighting as well as a point of interest in a long passage. The usual sconce height in a passageway is generally 3/4 of the distance up the wall as measured from the floor to the ceiling. On the other hand the distance between sconces on the wall is generally equal to the distance of the sconces from the floor, often alternating sides of the passageway. Mostly, wall lighting are typically installed in pairs or in other multiple units to provide balance. There usage depends upon a persons need and requirement. Therefore, they can be used to frame doorways or line up a hallway. Another type of wall lighting is Swing arm sconces. This type of wall lighting is often placed next to a bed to provide sufficient lighting for the purpose of reading.

Today, using lighting in interior design has become a trending concept and one can choose from an array of modern, contemporary and edgy styles in order to suit one’s own taste and preference. One of the greatest benefits of using wall lighting is that it is a great way of accentuating a certain part of the room without being overpowering. Further, it also enables one to save a great amount of money by opting for wall lighting as opposed to conventional fixture. Some of the ideal places for sconce lighting include the kitchen sink, above the desk in one’s office, and above an art piece that one wishes to accentuate.

Therefore, if anyone is looking for redecorating their home or workplace, then they should definitely consider wall lighting as it not only provides sufficient light but also adds a tinge of sophistication and elegance to one’s environment.